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The reference partner

In the early days of SOMEVA's evolution towards store layout and display fittings design, the Système U group trusted in our research and continuing development of new concepts. Our partnership extends to all of the organization's brands: Utile, U Express and, of course, Super U and Hyper U.

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Our partnership with the Leclerc group developed gradually through word of mouth

Referenced nationally within the GALEC group, SOMEVA consistently applies its creative added value to projects carried-out with store managers, who are all independent and keen to design a unique and personalized store. Interior designers working with SOMEVA on Leclerc projects have found us to be a creative force and a model collaborator, now recognized within the brand on a national scale.

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A blossoming partnership with this brand of independent retailers

Thanks to the recognition earned by its projects carried-out for some of the largest retail brands, SOMEVA has been given the opportunity to work with the Intermarché organization. Therefore, many personalized projects were completed for Intermarché all over France.


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Several development projects of prototypes for store concepts

The integrated brand Auchan solicits our help for the development of innovative prototypes for store concepts which are intended to be standardized throughout the organization. These projects are testament to SOMEVA's creativity.

Helping independent stores personalise their retail spaces

With over 1000 stores, the Carrefour Market brand includes integrated establishments and independent franchises. Independent franchises in particular turn to SOMEVA to help them personalize their stores.

A strong bond of trust between SOMEVA and this central purchasing body

 Designers and buyers of this urban distribution network rely on our precision and capacity to fulfil our commitments. As a result, they have entrusted us with the production of several display fittings projects.

Adaptability to different environments

The Schiever Group is active in several different domains including food stores, hardware stores, restaurants and clothing. It has found SOMEVA to be a model collaborator, flexible and responsive to all of the group's opening, expansion and renovation projects in its many and varied fields of activity. In all of its spheres of activity!

SOMEVA's experience with a whole portfolio of brands

A major global player in milk processing, Bongrain deals with a wide portfolio of brands in all fresh produce lines. SOMEVA uses its industry experience to transform the group's marketing ideas into concrete reality.


Enhancing fruit and vegetables

A brand leader on the European market, Prince de Bretagne relies on SOMEVA's expertise to offer regular sales promotions and related fittings to its distributor customers.


A perfect example of diversification

Based in the heart of western France and comprising 5 partner mills, the Girardeau flour mill called on SOMEVA to design and produce their contemporary office and stand fittings.