The Someva design

Our manifesto

Here at Someva, we are convinced that platitude drives the customers away. We are advocating for a more designed trade. Join us to re-enchant the shopping!


More practical and faster, the drive and e-commerce are used by a growing number of consumers, freed from the ” shopping chore”. At the same time, the short circuits, markets, grocery stores and neighborhood craftsmen attract new customers in search of authenticity and quality.


How to (re) attract customers to shop in supermarkets and hypermarkets?

By transforming the stores into experiential places where they feel sensations and emotions that can not be felt online.

Physical shopping is not dead, on the contrary. It has a bright future ahead of it as long as it reinvent itself. Here at Someva, we are convinced that trade’s re-enchantment starts with the design.

Create an original atmosphere

The traditional metallic display furniture, functional but unattractive, no longer fits consumers’ expectations. The trend is the return of local commerce and a rise in the range of traders.

Display furniture is a lever to redefine the ambience of your store.

Lively, warm, sophisticated or vintage … so many possibilities to create an atmosphere that suits you.


Affirm a brand personality

Supermarkets are not intended to be goods warehouses. Like a local store, a supermarket or hypermarket can develop a brand personality, translated into your sales areas thanks to the design of your shop fittings.


Design a shopper itinerary

Through the design of our display furniture, we create a customer experience: a journey that invites customers to stroll in your aisles, stop in front of your products, touch and feel them.

The customers rediscover in your store the pleasure for shopping.

Highlight your products

This scripting is at your products’ service. The display furniture represents a showcase  that emphasizes them. Better presented, they are more attractive to customers: they stick out and seem more qualitative.

Do you want to give your customers the pleasure of shopping?

Together let’s redefine the atmosphere of your store, surprise your customers, make them live a unique shopping experience, give them the desire to buy and return in your store.