The Someva design

Our methodology

Paying attention to details at every step, till the installation of your display furniture.

Discover the manufacturing steps of one of Someva's furniture, the passion and the know-how of our teams.


An unique interlocutor throughout your project to ensure a personalized follow-up

Here at Someva, throughout your entire project, you are accompanied by the same interlocutor  who ensures the quality of your furniture at every manufacturing step.

  • He advises you on the best way to improve your customers’ shopping experience.
  • He oversees every step of production.
  • He regularly exchanges with you on the progress of your project.
Carte secteurs commerciaux - Juin 2018


A design thought to improve your customers’ shopping experience

At Someva, designing furniture always begins with a trend board.

Colors, materials, styles … Our designers project you into the future universe created for your store.

They keep looking for the new trends in the retail and consumption patterns in order to design modern furniture in tune with the consumers’ taste.

The furniture’s ergonomics is designed to facilitate the work of your employees: practical furniture, perfectly adapted to their needs and work constraints.

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An optimized management of production resources

The planning department establishes the manufacturing schedules of the future projects. This upstream planning optimizes the management of the production resources.


Anticipation of needs upstream of production to prevent delivery delays and optimize manufacturing time

Before launching the project, the anticipation division checks each aspect of the file, in order to anticipate material orders and ensure that every detail is in line with the customer’s expectations.


Intensive reflection on the furniture’s function and practicality in order to facilitate its use

The production design departement prepares the plans necessary for manufacturing. It collaborates closely with the workshop to verify the feasibility of specific requests, to bring solutions or improvements.

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Quality tests performed before delivery to optimize and speed up the installation in the store

The production department is responsible for the furniture’s manufacturing. Once this is complete, the furniture is mounted and checked in the workshop before being sent to your store.

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Teams regularly trained according to Someva’s Quality Charte, to guarantee an impeccable quality installation

In order to guarantee an impeccable installation, we have experienced installation teams. All are trained on our furniture and committed to our Quality Charte.

In order to optimize and speed up the our store’s installation in the store, the display furniture is pre-assembled in our workshop by our production teams. This allows us both to check their compliance and assemble them more quickly on site.